Joanne Burke is a self-taught British artist living and working from her studio in Rome.

Her hand sculpted works are made season-less in limited editions which combine anthropomorphic figures and abstract forms with an undercurrent of eroticism.

Inspired by the symbology behind jewellery and what it used to represent in the past, culturally, socially and politically. Citing also the old studio art and craft of making jewels as an influence in opposition to the factory produced designs of today. Joanne uses jewellery as a narrative, acknowledging the past in technique but with the intention of making relevant works with symbolic meaning. Believing each jewel is a piece of a larger story which the wearer can interpret as they wish.

Sibyl (meaning female oracle) was conceived by Cornelia Andersson in 2018.

Collections are presented as chapters; the past and future in dialogue with each other.

A stream of recollections and prophecies, bright as they are vague.

Chapter one remembers the opera cloaks of the century before last… Chenille jacquards in the colour of faded paintings dance with the wearer, offering them a chance to escape the here and now.

Each garment is handmade in London, UK.

Patricia grew up in Burgos, a small town in Northern Spain.

Having originally trained in Florence as a costume designer she moved to London in 2012 where she was exposed to a wider diversity of culture and arts. During these years she slowly became more and more fascinated by clay as a medium.

Patricia hand builds and carefully glazes in calm tonalities to highlight the texture and natural colour of the clay, creating one of a kind pieces. Her approach is intuitively spontaneous and uncomplicated, searching for perfect imperfection.

Gabriele Skucas   graduated from Central Saint Martins MA in 2017, winner of the L’Oréal Professionnel Award. 

Her graduate collection The End of Irony, explores the ideas and aesthetics of school uniforms, in particular, its social and cultural heritage. 

Skucas has recreated the two-piece school uniform with traditional tailoring, using her own hand crocheted textiles in pursuit of her refined interpretation.