Emiliano Maggi Erotic Scene Drawing I


Emiliano Maggi handpainted Erotic Scene Drawing I


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Emiliano Maggi lives and works in Rome. The multi-faceted artist’s work is drawing inspiration from psychedelic scenarios, mythological symbolism, rituality and iconography. Combining these elements Emiliano makes up fairy tales and dreams with a dark side bearing resemblance to an Italian 70‘s horror film.

All the elements manifested in Emiliano’s aesthetic is narrated into various expressions ranging from Performance Art to Sculpture.



Emiliano Maggi handpainted Erotic Scene Drawing I, pastels and pencil on paper.



Dimensions | W 29.7cm L 42cm

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Dimensions 45 × 30 × 3 cm



29.7 x 42 cm


Paper, Pencil and Pastels

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