Georg Wilson A Ravishing Snack


Georg Wilson, A Ravishing Snack.


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Georg Wilson interrogates the gendered roles found in European folklore, by humorously inverting or distorting their narratives. Her most recent works tease out strange, playful moments enacted by sulky, awkward characters who clumsily dominate the compositions – they are called her ‘goblins.’ The goblins roam wild across the English countryside, gorging themselves on fruit and vegetables, stealing whatever they can find. If you move your eye away from the painting for a moment, the goblins might slink away, never to be seen again. Wilson’s practice is directly informed by England’s changing seasons, the colour and sense of light in the work changing synchronously from Autumn to Spring. An awareness of these natural cycles can hopefully encourage us to live in the present, rather than always looking forward, and to feel more closely connected to our fellow earthly critters and the passing of time.



Georg Wilson, A Ravishing Snack.



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Oil on Canvas

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