Yrhes Walnut Deep Dish Plate


Yrhes wooden Deep Dish plate, hand-turned in Walnut.


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Yrhes is a collaborative project between artists Uros Kotlajic and Tamara Suskic, who have shared life and work for fifteen years. Yrhes objects are conceptualized by Uros and Tamara, handcrafted with intense rigour, beauty and enthusiasm by Uros and set in aesthetic context by Tamara. Objects reflect respect for wood language and continuity with nature.

Candlesticks offer themselves spontaneously as they immediately set a scene – a kind of spiritual space, ascetic, monastic space – reclusive, foreign uninhabited ground for this self-denying spirit.

We believe that Yrhes manual slow-making process opens different landscapes of resistance due to its nature being very close to meditation or prayer: your hands become forgetful as your mind becomes clear, empty, then generous and enthusiastic.



Yrhes wooden Deep Dish plate, hand-turned in Walnut.



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